Revit, Plant3d And Other Content Creation


Krion Consulting has a qualified team of content creators and testers who can generate intelligent part libraries and catalogue for most Autodesk products.

The content creation capabilities include

  • Revit BIM Compliant content libraries
  • Plant3D content catalogue and Python scripting for parts and custom equipments
  • Inventor Content Centre parts and iLogic parts
  • AutoCAD Dynamic block libraries
  • AutoCAD Electrical symbols and libraries
  • Factory Design Suite parts and libraries

Revit Content Creation

Krion Consulting has a dedicated team of experts to create BIM Compliant Revit Content for Autodesk Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure that can be parametric, attributed and database linked.

Plant3D content

Krion Consulting has expertise in content Authoring for Autodesk Plant3D and Plant Design suite using powertools and python scripting.

Customer specific shape catalogs are created from standard shapes available in Plant3D using the authoring tool available from Autodesk called Powertool.

Further non standard parts and equipments are further authored using Python script and Krion Consulting’s dedicated shape capture tool.

  • Autocad Dynamic Blocks
  • AutoCAD Electric sysmbol libraries
  • Inventor ipart, iLogic and Content center library parts
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