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Krion Consulting is a Business transformation to companies that make things

Krion Consulting is a business process automation company that provides software based solutions, products and training to the manufacturing, engineering, construction, infrastructure, EPC, automotive and aerospace industry.

We help organizations transform the way they do their business by helping them achieve better productivity, make better products faster, cheaper and increase their profitability through implementation of the cutting edge technology. Krion Consulting (P) LTD., headquartered in Chennai, India, was established in 1995 and is now an organization of 100+ employees working out of 3 offices in Chennai, with representation in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore and offices planned in Singapore and USA in the current Financial year.


Krion Consulting is committed to transforming the construction sector with disruptive autonomous construction management platform. Our purpose is to empower construction companies with innovative AI/ML technologies and expert guidance, enabling them to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. We strive to deliver exceptional value to our clients, prioritize employee well-being, and foster mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders while maintaining a CAGP of 20%.


Our vision at Krion Consulting is to establish ourselves as the leading provider of autonomous construction management solutions globally. By harnessing innovative technologies like generative AI and industry best practices, we aspire to reshape the digital delivery landscape, making it secure, more efficient, and sustainable. We aim to be the catalyst for positive transformation in the industry, driving unprecedented advancements and inspiring a new era of collaborative digital delivery excellence. We foresee a future where every construction project is powered by our solutions with Generative AI for autonomous design, planning and execution, generating unprecedented outcomes for our clients, and contributing to the general advancement of society, driven by our commitment to innovation, partnerships, and uncompromising quality.

Our Unique Value

Krion Consulting applies its experience and wisdom in designing solutions that bring together technologies cutting across various fields of Engineering, Science and IT. May it be a sales process automation solution for a product manufacturer bringing the power of cloud, mobility and 3D configurations OR a Defense research facility trying to go beyond off the shelf solution to build better ships / tanks OR a government agency trying to deliver the best services like water, waste management, transportation etc.

lasting decades OR an automotive manufacturer trying to squeeze the most out of a high performance hardware to bring their product to market faster OR a Metro Railway operator wanting to manage their rolling stock, imprlement predictive maintenance, asset optimization, infrastructure utilization and enable smooth operations – all of the above have benefited from Krion Consulting to delight their customer and create a Wow factor with their deliverables.

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Our Customers

Our customers are Governments, Government agencies, Researchers or Educators OR makers of things like automotive manufacturers, Construction Industry, Engineering, Machinery, Infrastructure Developers, Factories, Plant and process etc. Anybody and everybody who make the world around us using technology are the beneficiaries of our consultancy and services.

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