Infrastructure and Construction

Building design software, building design

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction solutions from Autodesk supports Building Information Modelling- and CAD-based workflows to help you design and build better buildings. Realize your best design ideas and bring more predictability to the building design process with the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.

Autodesk Building Design solutions - More value, more flexibility, more simplicity

Access to a wide selection of essential 3D design software for the work you do

  • Get the tools you need now and in the future, as the collection and your business evolves.
  • Get inter-operable tools for both CAD- and BIM-based workflows
  • Connect familiar CAD-based processes for efficient design and documentation with the power of 3D model-based design workflows.
  • Use mobile apps and take advantage of the power of the cloud
  • View and create rich visualizations, work in the field and store your designs

Construction & Operations Solutions from Trimble

Trimble’s mix of hardware, software and mobility technologies streamlines communication and collaboration throughout the construction life-cycle, from planning, design and site preparation through to the finished project.

Our solutions improve workflows between key stakeholders—wherever they are located—and make it easier to track time, costs, materials, staff and resources. Trimble helps you build smarter, more accurate, more profitable projects.

Building Design, Construction and Operation

A portfolio of Design-Build-Operate solutions combines ground-breaking innovations and practical features to help construction industry professionals do their jobs better. Vertical Solutions

  • Architecture
  • Structures
  • MEP Trades
  • General Contractors
  • Program Managers & EPC
  • Real Estate & Workplace

Civil and Site Construction and Engineering

Construction software, grade control and site positioning technology that optimizes productivity and provides a high-level of workflow integration from design through to the finished project.

  • Machine Control
  • Paving Control
  • Site Positioning
  • Civil Construction Software
  • Connected Site

Marine Construction

Extremely rugged solutions that meet the demands of a wide range of marine construction and hydro-graphic survey applications.


  • Marine Positioning
  • Marine Construction Software

Optical and Laser Construction Tools

A comprehensive portfolio of leveling, positioning, and alignment tools and solutions and accessories for General Construction, Interior and Underground work.

Highlighted Solutions

  • General Construction
  • Interior Construction
  • Underground Construction

Alignment Planning

Solutions to support road and rail planners and engineers with route optimization for the complex process of selecting and generating 3D corridors and alignments.

  • Road Alignments
  • Rail Alignments

Product Design and Manufacturing

Improve collaboration and gain a competitive edge

Take an agile approach to development with engineering and simulation tools that let you explore the complete design space. Automate product configuration to create fast and accurate proposals.

Manufacture complex products—with informed factory layout tools, and CAM software that results in efficient, high-quality toolpaths. Connect your products using machine design software to improve current and future generations of your designs.

Autodesk software for industrial equipment design

Design, simulate, visualize, and manage your products digitally. Autodesk solutions help at every stage of the product development process by streamlining workflows and collaboration between multidisciplinary teams.


Plant and Process

AutoCAD Plant 3D features

View all features

Simpler piping design

Help streamline iteration with easy-to-use pipe routing. (Video: 0:35 min.)

Orthographic drawing production

Gain accuracy and consistency with drawings from 3D models.

Piping isometric production

Customize for your customers’ style preference.


Get tools that enable your team to better collaborate.

Smart City Governance

IoT Enabled City Services


In the growing and demanding context of Cities, efficient management of Public services, Safety, Productivity, Violations mitigation and Compliances enforcement, that use mobility as the means to deliver the services, are becoming a challenge. Creating an integrated platform of sensing, tracking, communication and Information technology to deliver these services is the smart path that can be followed successfully.

This note outlines the scope for some of the key services delivery, combining the technologies of RFiD + GPS + GSM + IT + Internet.

  1. Solid Waste Management
  2. Sewerage (Septic Tank) Clearance Services
  3. Delivery Management of Water through Tankers, Food & Civil Supplies
  4. Service Delivery of Police, Fire, Ambulance, Utility Break-down response
  5. Public Transport Services Management & Passenger Information System

The system proposed will operate on a single common data gateway platform that provides the specific Application for each service, while pooling the data from multiple sources for macro level analytics, planning and decision making. It will also provide the scope to integrate or to collaborate with current legacy platforms of solutions, making it an all-encompassing system.

Outcome of the System:

  1. Safer roads & lesser accidents through enforcement of violation challan system
  2. Security of passengers through remote monitoring of exceptional events
  3. Better compliance of Public Distribution System of essentials (Ration supplies)
  4. Reliable information and Travel transaction system of public transport from State & State licensed private operators
  5. Efficient delivery of public utility services viz., Water, Sewerage, Solid waste, etc
  6. Effective emergency response services viz., Fire, Accidents, Crimes, Power Break-down, etc
  7. Surveillance for Law & Order maintenance using Police vehicles
  8. Productivity of State owned vehicles under various Departments and Municipal Corporations
  9. Transparent & Accountable processes and documentations to both the Government and the Public
  10. Traffic Analytics generation that helps more reality based planning of infrastructure, facilities, enforcement, etc.


  1. All Government Owned vehicles will be fitted with a GPS based Tracking Device through a Government Order.
  2. All new private commercial vehicles are to be fitted with a GPS Tracking Device at RTO at the time of Registration
  3. All older private commercial vehicles are to be fitted with a GPS Tracking Device at RTO when they come for annual renewal of Fitness certificate/Route permit
  4. RFID sensors will be fitted additionally on Solid waste vehicles to capture bin unloading event
  5. Government departments/Municipal Corporations/Private vehicle owners)
  6. Public Information Modules will be provided for Transport System
  7. The cost will be paid by the owners of the vehicles at the time of fitment (by respective
  8. The User end of the solution will have 3 distinctly different platforms, viz.,
    • Governance Platform (for Governance Team)
    • Productivity Platform (for Vehicle Owners)
    • Info & Transaction Platform (for Citizens Use)

Railway operations and Maintenance

Keep your assets in top-notch condition with Trimble Nexala solutions

Delivering comfortable and on time train journeys to your passengers requires the careful operation and maintenance of your rolling stock assets. Any operator running daily services expects a proportionate number of issues—ranging in seriousness, priority and impact. While you and your engineers are the experts in resolving these issues, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your asset maintenance with the right rail asset lifecycle management solutions.


Krion Consulting are Trimble Nexala solutions authorised resellers. Trimble is a global leader in rail asset management technology. Trimble Nexala solutions can help across the spectrum of your asset lifecycle management from full fleet maintenance and real-time remote vehicle diagnostics, to in service vehicle performance, driver performance management and timetable adherence.

Trimble Nexala solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs, components and fleet type. Informed by years of experience serving global rail service providers, Trimble is a complete, robust, integrated, and feature-rich asset lifecycle management suite. Trimble’s rail asset lifecycle management products manage the lifecycle of rail transport assets from operation through maintenance and repair.

Some key features of the solution are as follows:

Real-time remote diagnostics:The Trimble remote diagnostic solution provides real-time notifications and fault alerts from on-train equipment. Their remote diagnostic solution integrates on-shore and on-train software to monitor component faults, anomalies in component behaviour, and identifies potential problems to help you proactively address them.

Asset maintenance management:Implementing the Trimble asset maintenance management solution helps reduce your operating costs by optimally controlling assets, managing stock, streamlining procurement, scheduling workshop operations, and planning maintenance.

Component condition monitoring:Maximizes your components’ life by tracking rogue behaviour and proactively perform maintenance using the Trimble condition monitoring solution. With the help of trackside devices and handheld measuring devices, the on-shore software can identify defects, detect wear, and automate maintenance planning.

Planning and performance management:The Trimble planning and performance management solution can reduce delays, increase fuel efficiency, improve journey planning, and help with driver awareness. Combining information from the timetable, vehicle location, and real-time diagnostic information, the solution can identify the root cause of delays and enable optimum timetable adherence.

CAS cab advisory system:The Trimble cab advisory system can send alerts to the driver about on-train performance, adherence to timetable, and can advise him/her in the event of any faults.

Implementation models

The Trimble Nexala integrated rail asset life-cycle management suite can be implemented is available in both on premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) models. With the SaaS model, the Trimble solution can be accessed via mobile phones, kiosks, laptops, or desktop computers, minimizing your hardware investment.

Complex railway systems like those in India need a strong yet simple rail asset lifecycle management solution to enable seamless maintenance, to be operationally efficient at low costs, and thereby to offer world-class service to passengers. The Trimble Nexala suite is that solution.

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